Send me some information about your existing garden.

IF YOUR EXISTING GARDEN HAS MANY LARGE TREES I will need a rough sketch of your garden similar to the one below.  This is because I will not be able to make measurements from the satellite if the garden is hidden by tree canopies.

First, please tell me the features you definitely want in your garden, e.g. A big lawn, a fountain, a gazebo, fruit trees, drought tolerant plants. Maybe you want it to look "English", "Mediterranean",  to attract butterflies, birds, or to include a rose garden or pond, these are just a few ideas, don't feel shy to tell me your dreams. If you haven't the foggiest idea, that's OK too - that's why we have landscape designers - we specialize in dreaming!  I also need to know which existing features you want to remain e.g. a beloved old tree, the front fence along the road, a 100 year old vine climbing up the front facades, do not obstruct a particular view - just a few ideas. Send these instructions via e-mail

Secondly, send me lots of photographs of your present garden, take about eight pictures from as many angles as possible. You can email the photos if you wish or send them via mail to KIRBY DESIGNS, PO Box 1114, Los Altos, California 94023.

Lastly, Fill out the order form on the next page which will give me your contact information and enable you to pay your fee.



The total cost of plant materials will come from your local nursery. 

If I have included a hardscape feature, e.g. a patio, path, deck etc.  I will calculate the surface areas for veneer or volume of concrete, gravel  etc.  and include a material's estimate using prices which I will obtained from your local supplier. Your contractor may use a different supplier so this figure must only be used as a guide.

Note also that it is the law that contractors must make their own measurements for their installations. This is because they are actually on site, and must measure accurately. My calculations will act as a useful approximation for him and enable you to make a rough estimate of the material costs of your project before you call in the contractor.