This is an example of a simple Plant List which will accompany your design.

The unit price and "who" columns (red) will be blank in your plant list. ("who" for which nursery quoted that price)

The unit price column has to be filled out by sending this list to your local nursery, or by going there in person.

You fill out the "who" column to remind you of  which nursery quoted that price.

When the prices return from the nurseries, you could enter them in the original excel file which will then give you a total.

You may want to adjust things at this point to make sure you are within budget.

One nursery will probably not have every plant you want, so fill out the "who" column to keep track of who quoted what.

Your local contractor/gardener will be able to do all of this, but it is a lot of fun to choose the plants yourself. 

Just collect plants on a cart, put them on one side,  the gardener can easily pick them up and deliver them in his truck.

In the plant list you will receive, the first column is a link to a photo of the plant, just click it and you will see the plant.

The last column is a link to more information about this plant - probably more than you need, but it is there.